All new members must attend and successfully complete a Certified Range Officer Program (CRO) prior to being allowed access to either the outdoor or indoor range. The CRO program includes classroom instruction and a written examination (open-book) New members must also pass an indoor range shooting test for safe gun handling and shooting skills assessment.

All current members must also compete a refresher course every 5 years. The purpose of our CRO program is to keep members up-to-date on all range rules. At the same time, the program reinforces the need for safety and good sportsmanship.

Classes are scheduled depending on need. Classes are held on either a Saturday, Sunday or occasional Friday evening providing members with flexibility in attending.

If a member cannot attend a program that member must notify the membership secretary at in advance and ask to be rescheduled. Note: Failure to attend a scheduled program can result in either the delay or suspension of membership privileges

Questions regarding Metacon’s CRO program can be addressed to Bob Margolis, Chairman Education & Safety.

Bob Margolis