Getting Active

Getting Active:

Things you can do to help influence your Legislators and how your Legislators voted.


Speaking to Your Legislators:

Materials to Help You Effectively Communicate with Your Legislators

Connecticut Citizens Defense League

• Legislative Testimony Tip Sheet
Preparing and Submitting Testimony

National Rifle Association (NRA)

• Effectively Communicating With Your Lawmakers

Additional Outside Websites for Effective Lobbying

CT Association of Non-Profits:

• Lobbying: The Basics

• Helpful Tools

Gaffney, Bennett & Assoc., a professional lobbying group

• Grassroots Primer

CT Council of Car Clubs

• How to Lobby elected Officials

CT Voices for Children

• How to Lobby the CT General Assembly


Legislator’s Voting Records:

Click here to see how your legislator’s voted on bill’s concerning your gun ownership.


Helpful Tips:


• Guidelines for Communicating with the Media

Notes from a talk by Betty Gallo, lobbyist

 • Effective Legislative Strategies


FAQs for The Connecticut General Assembly Website

And The Best Tip for Getting Active:
Take somebody to the range who has never fired a gun. Fear is the primary emotional tool the other side has. But once people have handled firearms and see how their safe and sane neighbors use them, fear vanishes and is often replaced by a sense of empowerment and fun.