Neal Knox Articles

Neal Knox Articles

From 1966 until his death in 2005, Neal Knox was close to, and usually directly involved in, every significant happening in the American debate over gun rights.

In a career that progressed from newspaper reporter and part-time gun writer, to gun magazine publisher, to the head of the National Rifle Association’s lobby, and on to senior status as “the conscience of the gun rights movement,” Neal Knox was the often-unacknowledged architect of the modern American gun rights movement.

Collected for the first time in a single volume is a generous helping of the writing that cemented his reputation — and helped to save the Second Amendment. Below is a sampling of some of the columns that Neal wrote and appear in the book “The Gun Rights War”. Required reading for anyone interested in the gun rights cause. Highly recommended!

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His work has been carried on by his wife and sons Jeff and Chris. Their website is:

Excerpted from Neal Knox – The Gun Rights War. Available from,, or on Reprinted with Permission.

A-The Drift Toward Prohibition

B-Insatiable Thirst

C-Battle begins

D-Kitchen Sink

E-Ultimate Confiscation


G-Assault Weapon Hysteria