SB 1160/ PA 13-3 was “A Good First Step… ” – What’s next?

SB 1160/ PA 13-3 was “A Good First Step… ”  – What’s next?


In Defense of our Gun Rights V
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It’s not exactly news that if our anti-gun politicians keep a majority after the elections, they will be revisiting their gun control agenda. A favorite phrase is that SB 1160 was “A Good First Step”. So, the question is: If we don’t beat them at the polls, what’s next?

For some clues, let’s look at Raised Bill 1076, introduced in March of 2013. Some feel that this was the current “wish list” of the anti’s. It is the only gun bill that made it to public hearings in 2013. So, what provisions didn’t make the final cut in SB 1160? What are the immediate threats that lie ahead for us? Here is a partial rundown (*):

SB 1076 called for the establishment of an onerous state gun registry, requiring all gun owners to register each of their firearms (not just handguns and “assault weapons”) separately with DESPP. It would be illegal to possess or carry an unregistered firearm.

Anyone registering a firearm must provide among other things:

1. an authorization and release form, that waives any right to confidentiality.

2. two identical color photographs of the applicant’s face, taken within the 30 days preceding the application date.

3. the applicant’s right thumbprint; and

4. any other information DESPP deems necessary to process the application.

Registration cards are valid for one year only. You get to do this every year, for every gun you own. The bill authorized DESPP to charge an administrative fee. (Amount not specified)

Each card must be stored with each firearm in the registrant’s home and carried with the firearm if it is transported outside of the home. You must show the card to any law enforcement officer who asks to see it.

The registration cards are not “transferable, or assignable”; it appears that it would be illegal to loan or borrow a gun.

Anyone whose application is denied or whose registration card is revoked, must surrender all of his or her firearms to DESPP and for the DESPP to retrieve any firearms not surrendered within 48 hours of its final decision. (Retrieve:  a nice word for seize.)


Prohibits direct shipping of ammunition. It must be routed through an FFL or other licensee.  No internet sales. Ammunition includes components too. Cases, primers, powder, bullets.

Anyone who buys or possesses ammunition must have a registration card identifying an owned firearm that uses that specific ammo and present it each time they make an ammo purchase.  You can’t possess ammo if you don’t own a gun chambered for it.

Prohibits anyone from buying more than one long gun a month.

Can “One Gun a Month” of any type be far behind?

Makes possession of body armor illegal under any circumstances, not just possession after a conviction for specified felonies and other crimes.


While there was no “High Capacity” Magazine Ban in SB 1076, SB 1160 required us to “declare” our 10+ round magazines. Gov Malloy has publically stated the he would like CT gun owners to now “turn in” those declared magazines to the State. It’s a nice way of saying they want to confiscate them.

So there we are gun-owners. If you want more laws like this dumped on you, then just sit and do nothing. The forces against us are committed to making a good showing in the Nov elections. (**)  We need to make sure that they don’t.  THE ANTI’S ARE COMMITTED TO MAKING OUR LIVES MISERABLE. (***)


SB 1160:  Remember in November.   

* For a more complete account, see the OLR Summary Report  SB 1076, #213-R-0185


*** Skeptical? Chew on this one:

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