Class III Match Info



Participation Requirements:  Metacon Gun Club requires that members shooting machine guns and submachine guns complete the Metacon Class III checkout.  In addition, non-members who wish to compete in Class III matches must also complete the Class III Checkout.  Police officers using department issued firearms may participate in matches with the prior approval of the Class III Director without completing the Class III check out. Shooters using semi-auto rifles do not need to complete the full auto checkout. Note: Class III checkouts are normally held after a match during the warmer months.

Match Schedule: It is suggested that participants arrive at least ½ hour before the scheduled match start time to register, arrange equipment, etc.  A mandatory walk-through will be done 15 minutes before the scheduled match start time.  Please arrive prepared to compete.  The match start will not be delayed to permit test-firing. Firearms are to be brought to the range and firing line cased and unloaded. Eye and hearing protection is required for all, including spectators. It is expected that over the course of the season, match participants will aid in the set-up, tear-down and running of matches.  If possible, please try to arrive early to help with set-up and stay for tear-down.  Many hands do make light work!

Entry Fees:  There is a ten dollar ($10.00) fee for non members to shoot the match (The match fee is different for the Assault/Battle Rifle match).  The design, planning and running of matches is done on a volunteer basis with equipment needs met from the Metacon budget.  As the Class III competition program is run by its participants, suggestions for future match designs and aid in running matches is always welcomed.


Permitted Firearms:

Assault/Battle Rifle:. Full auto center fired rifle caliber firearms and their semi auto center fired rifle caliber clones. Pistol caliber is not allowed in these matches. No armor piercing or steel jacketed ammo allowed.

Submachine Gun:  Limited to center fire pistol caliber (straight wall cartridges). Must be fired in full auto only throughout match unless otherwise indicated in course description. M1/M2 carbines are not allowed.

Pistol Caliber Semi-auto Rifle: NEW Limited to center fire pistol caliber (straight wall cartridges). This will be scored as a separate division. No M1 carbines.

Pistol: Pistols must be center fire and at least equivalent to 9mm/.38 Special.  Note that course design generally favors semi-automatics, but revolvers are permitted.


Class III Schedule & Results