Mossberg at Metacon Day

By Bob Margolis

Mossberg @ Metacon Day was held on Sunday, October 24th and, although cloudy, the rain held off as we hosted another successful event at our club. We had a nice, steady flow of people come down throughout the day and we were happy to see a good cross section of men, women and youngsters test drive a number of the latest offering from Mossberg. At the end of the day, about 200 people came to the event and approximately 1,700 rounds were dispatched downrange.

Dave Medige, the new Mossberg rep with only three weeks on the job, was thrilled with the event. He was highly impressed with not only our facility but the quality of the many members that came and volunteered their services and how smoothly everything flowed. He wasn’t alone, many of our patrons asked for membership applications after seeing our club and meeting with our members; even the caterer that was on the premises for the event took an application to join Metacon!

When all was said and done we ended up with a net profit of about $1,200! Not too bad for a days work. That money will go into the treasury and be used towards further enhancements to our club while helping to keep our dues low. The winner of the new Mossberg Plinkster AR-style .22 rifle was fellow member Thomas Mullaney, he’ll be able to pick up his CT compliant version at Jo-Jo’s Gunworks in Southington in the near future. Speaking of which, we would like to thank Jo-Jo’s for coming forward and being the FFL on premises for this event as well as fronting us all the ammunition that was needed. A big thanks also goes out to committee members Bob Margolis and Art Tiede for all of the time and hard work they put into this to make it happen. But the biggest accolade of appreciation, by far, goes out to the many volunteers that came forward to assist with this event. We never could have proceeded to move forward with the planning stages if we didn’t have the staffing to do it and the abundance of volunteers that gave of their time and of themselves was nothing short of astounding. We had people that came as early as 8:00 AM to help with set up and stayed the entire day, including tear down, we had people that helped out for a majority of the day, left to fulfill some other obligations, then came back to work some more. We even had people that aren’t even members yet, but are on our waiting list, come and work the event for us. The camaraderie and cohesiveness of all involved were nothing short of amazing. There isn’t any way that this event could have been the pleasure that it was without your help.

A club is only as good as its members, and you’re exactly the reason why Metacon is among the premier gun clubs in the state. If you’d like to see more, member Rich Michna took photos and posted them here.