Metacon IDPA

Metacon IDPA

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Metacon IDPA is an IDPA affiliated action shooting club that runs IDPA matches at the Metacon Gun Club. Our courses of fire are changed from month-to-month and are available to see at our website link below. During some of our courses of fire(COF’s)we draw from concealment and shoot on the move while engaging targets. We are unlike anything you may have seen or shot before.

All of our shooting has a “practical” theme and re-creates possible real world scenarios to enhance the skill of the shooter. Indoors, we shoot in low light or no light with flashlights from December to April. May through November we shoot outdoors.

All of our matches are open to the public and the current fee is $10.00 for Metacon members and $20.00 for the public.

We shoot the first Sunday of the month year round. Check our website for more information, helpful links, match results, upcoming courses of fire, current times and dates: